MEAN WELL continually launched the new products in various industries in 2023 Automex

After entering the COVID -19 pandemics, Automation Industry plays an important role to all the manufacturing companies in the world. During covid-19 time, most of the manufacturing companies were forced by the local government to close their factory temporarily due to their workers infected with Covid-19. And this action will lengthen the factory production lead time. Therefore, Automation Industry is the trend for all the manufacturing industry companies in the world!  

MEAN WELL stepping into an Automex and Metaltech exhibition which organized by Informa Market at Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) at KL, Malaysia with 18 square meters booth area. Most of the related automation companies were involved in this exhibition and this was a suitable time to introduce our MEAN WELL product series to visitors and exhibitors. Through this exhibition, most of our power supplies which are related to the Industrial Automation were promoted to the visitor. Three main power supply series that were displayed in this exhibition are Enclosed-type, Din-Rail type, and Modular Power supply.

At Automex and Metaltech Exhibition Show, MEAN WELL presented our latest launched products in integrated power solutions, including Industrial Automation (SDR, MDR series), Medical Applications (NMP-1K2& NMP-650) pair with the NMS-240 covered Vo from 5V to 48V and some of the Enclosed-type power supplies such as NMP series, RSP series and LRS series. Besides, the multi-industry general purpose smart controller, combined with an enclosed-type power supply to form the CMU2 Demo Kit (System Power) to show our MEAN WELL Intelligent Power Supply to customers.

MEAN WELL strives to provide customers with reliable, efficient, and comprehensive power supply solutions to meet their varying needs of customers. Through this exhibition, most of the exhibitors and visitors from different fields of industry are satisfied with our product series with wide range of applications of switching power supply. This will enhance the availability of MEAN WELL products to different kinds of industry in the future.