Century Transformation: Sustained Innovation in Standard Power Supplies

Dear all partners,

In the face of the "Century Transformation," it is essential to keep up with innovation and improvement. MEAN WELL, the leader in standard power supplies, aims to provide the best cost-effective products and services to meet future challenges. Our product development strategy focuses on Software, System, Solution, and Service (4S), pursuing high cost-efficiency, value-added, and productivity. The following directions represent our collaborative projects in the research and development team:

  • Computerized Process Optimization: Integrating various aspects of product development, from prototyping, certification, declarations, and market notifications, through computerized processes to expedite the new products' development and launch.
  • High-Power Power Supply Products: Introducing our highest-power product, the SHP-30K, designed to cover a diverse range of application markets, support large industrial applications, and create new business opportunities. (Link)
  • Green Energy and Energy Storage Products: In response to global green energy trends, we are devoted to "tri-energy" (green energy, smart energy, and energy conservation) development and innovation. We invest in innovative technologies in the green energy and energy storage fields.
  • High-Density Miniaturization and Production Automation: New products are designed for high density and miniaturization, incorporating flat transformers and applying third-generation semiconductor GaN technology to create products suitable for automated production. This improves overall production efficiency and enhances product performance and reliability.
  • Digital Control: MEAN WELL developing firmware digital control technology, combining high-power and high-density models to increase product value. We also integrate communication interfaces to develop multi-domain system integration applications, creating high-added value. (Link)
  • Integration of New Components and Supply Chain: To ensure stable product mass production timelines, we are implementing the Alfa Supply Chain program and introducing computerized process management to maintain product design quality and stabilize the supply chain.
  • Incubation Center Establishment: We are collaborating with the Suzhou Incubation Center to develop an incubation center that fosters innovation in smart buildings, photovoltaics, inverters, energy management, automation, and VFD motor drives.

Looking ahead, despite the numerous challenges, through continuous innovative research and development, collaborative efforts, and a pursuit of excellence, we set our course toward the future!

Aries Jian
Chief Research and Development Officer